Business Groups

Bio-PAPPEL International

(formerly McKinley Paper Company)


Our international operations reflect our sustainability in the use of raw materials, green processes and technologies, as well as best business practices, just like we do in Mexico.


USA Operations

  • NAFTA Company
  • Operations in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona
  • Manufacture of High-Performance paper for packaging
  • Manufacture of Light-Weight paper for packaging
  • Manufacture of paper for paper bags


We are recognized in the US as a world-class paper company, with sustainable operations in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.


 "Business Review USA" article published in international operations sustainability Bio-Pappel


"Manufacturing Today" article published of Bio-Pappel International

Our competitiveness is the result of combining the best technology with the efficient integration of our raw materials, friendly environmental programs, an efficient “zero effluents” closed circuit system and high-performance, tougher and lighter products.

100% Bio-recycled

100% Bio-recyclable

100% Bio-degradable