At Bio Pappel we are part of the solution to the climate problem, therefore, we developed an efficient sustainability model that reflects our commitment to generate shared value and promote initiatives that contribute to economic growth, social development and environmental preservation, always aligned to the principles that make up our corporate philosophy.
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Main Initiatives

Our environmental commitment motivates us to innovate and implement technologies that allow us to optimize the use of natural and energy resources to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Recycling and managing a circular economy

Optimum water consumption

Efficient use of energy

Efficient use of our means of transport

Carbon Capture

Biodiversity conservation

Bio Pappel

Urban Forest®


Based on our circular economy model, we have made an important contribution to increasing the paper collection rate in Mexico


Based on our model, we have made an important contribution to increase the rate of co-generation of energy.

Our efforts have focused on the continuous improvement of production processes and the modernization of the infrastructure that we have to guarantee optimal energy consumption in the production plants and comply with national and international regulations in energy, as well as contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

We innovate in the industry and achieve energy self-sufficiency thanks to the Bio-ENERGY System. This model allows us to generate clean energy by making use of the steam resulting from operations.

We have the best Energy Footprint in the paper industry.


Our circular economy model, Bosque Urbano®, has been a determining factor in achieving the objective of reducing our environmental footprint, by promoting recycling and creating alliances with strategic groups to promote a low-carbon green economy.

In this manner, periodically and voluntarily, we report all greenhouse gas emissions through the GEI Mexico Program, an initiative coordinated by SEMARNAT, CESPEDES and the Carbon Disclosure Project, thus guaranteeing the transparency that characterizes us as a company.

In 2021 we contributed to the capture of 6.43 million tons of CO₂e.


With the aim of promoting sustainable production practices, specifically in the responsible and efficient use of the water used in our industrial processes, we launched the zero-effluent system that has allowed us to recycle 63% of water.

Therefore, our water use and consumption management scheme positions us as one of the paper production companies with the lowest water use worldwide.

We have the “Water Efficiency Award”, granted by Pulp and Paper International.


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