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Titán is the largest manufacturer of corrugated paper and packaging in Mexico and Latin America.

Its range of products is made up of: Paper in large rolls, liner and brown paper, corrugated and highly graphic packaging, sacks and paper bags.

In 2022, TITÁN completed the construction of a new industrial packaging plant in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, the 25th plant in our production and distribution network in Mexico.

Products Titan Paper

Discover our wide line of products
Papel Café

Brown Paper

Brown paper used to produce corrugated boxes and sacks

Products Titan Packaging

Discover our wide line of products
Cajas corrugadas

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes used to pack agricultural, industrial and consumer products such as: household appliances, electronics, spare parts, groceries, perishables, books, tobacco, furniture, food and beverages.
Sacos multicapas

Multilayer bags

Laminated, baked, glued, expandable and simple paper sacks, used to pack chemicals, powdered food, cement, flour and lime.

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